Now a days, we are seeing that because of this Coronavirus everyone is suffering too much. This pandemic has a bad impact on human beings but It has a good and positive impact on Environment. 

Now a days, we can clearly see that pollution is decreased too much because of this lockdown. Water of lakes , rivers and ponds is clean. Noise pollution is also decreased. We can see various positive impact of Coronavirus lockdown on Environment. Like, forests and natural places are clean because people are locked at their homes. Human creates too much disturbance with the nature and destroy it badly. Currently, nature is free from the human interference and enjoying fully. We can see their too many new things appears in nature. Animals is freely moving here and there. They are enjoying in their own world. Also, because of the lockdown, we can get fresh air and damages that is happened by the human is now repairing in lockdown.

So, these are some basic positive impact of Coronavirus lockdown in environment. And the other changes that we can see is thatglobal warming is also decreased. If we are talking about the conditions before lockdown than we can see, there was so many damages was in our surroundings but now, all the things are repairing and improving day by day. Nature is by own their methods repairing the damages and spread the purify air and water every where. Mountains and historical monuments are cleaned and full of peace and greenery. Environment or nature's beauty is clearly visible because of this Coronavirus lockdown. 

Before  lockdown, human beings was travelling from one place to other place by using transport which creates too much air pollution  that's  effect the human beings too much and also spread many diseases. But, we get relief from these things from the lockdown as air and environment  is cleaning and purify day by day. So, we can see various improvements in our areas because of lockdown. 

Protecting layer of the atmosphere that's is Ozone which is damaged by the human beings deeds is now repaired so, that is also a good point of the lockdown. We also can't deny the fact that is whatever the damages people do with the nature. Now, nature get a time to heal their world by using their powers and efforts. They are healing themselves in this Coronavirus lockdown.

In the early morning and evening, we can see the birds flying in the sky. Their melodious voice and singing in the peace that gives us relief. So, that is also a good thing of the environment. We are now spending more time with nature that's  good for our health and also we can get relief from our tension and stress with the help of this pure nature and environment.Mostly, people who love to spend time with nature are getting good time. They are planting new tress and invest their more time in environment. Also, the slogan of Clean India, Green India is now fulfilby the support of the human. So, this is also a good thing that is happening with the nature. 

Now a days, the demand of fuel and coals are not too much high which have a good impact on forests. Human destroy the forests for fulfilling their basic needs. That's  is reduced now day because of Coronavirus lockdown. Beaches and resorts near the sea are so cleaned and good. People stop roaming here and there so that is good for nature. And we also very well if our nature is not good and human life is not possible on earth. Because Air, water, soil,fire and light are the basis of living and these elements are improving in this lockdown. So, that is also a good thing happening with the environment.

Clean nature and environment is good for human as well as also for animals. Currently, we are seeing it as our environment is clean and purify right now. And we are getting fresh air, melodious voice of birds and spending time with nature. So, that's good thing of this Coronavirus lockdown. So, these are the positive side of Coronavirus Lockdown on Environment.